While future economic and financial stability will be the need of the hour, there are also plenty of reasons for optimism.

Narrowing our scope and assessing the situation on the ground in our region has become more important than ever before, and we find ourselves asking many questions. How has the economic situation changed and how will it continue to grow over the next few years? Will the next year bring more job opportunities to the ambitious Qatari workforce? Using research conducted by Bayt.com and YouGov, an attempt has been made to provide a prospective snapshot of the future.

According to the Bayt.com Job Seeker Confidence Index Survey, a majority of Qatari respondents (65%) were reported to feel optimistic about their country’s economy, believing that the economic situation is set to improve in the next six months. This statistic already sets a positive trend, one which is supported by an observed, higher hiring trend in the MENA region in the next year, especially within the private sector, according to the Bayt.com Job Index Survey.

A high hiring expectancy can be observed in Qatar, with more than six in 10 companies surveyed in the Bayt.com Job Index Survey looking to hire within the next year. Of these companies, 41% will be hiring for more than five positions. The outlook in Qatar looks promising, with companies looking to hire individuals for a wide range of positions – top management, executive and analysts. Those looking to work as coordinators will also be reassured to know that a higher percentage of companies (31%) are looking to hire one in the next year.

Companies are looking to hire talent in a multitude of specific roles. Whether you are seeking work as an engineer (66%), project manager (24%), designer (14%) or none of the aforementioned, rest assured that a decent percentage of companies are looking to hire for your role of choice. Even if your specific ideal role is not amongst these jobs, it is always helpful to measure your job relevancy against positions that closely match your educational background and experience. Remember that there is no such thing as wasted time and effort when it comes to self-development and gaining work experience.

In terms of experience level, employers in Qatar are also reported to be hiring across all levels. Those who are at the middle of their career are highly sought after at 40%, followed closely by senior level job seekers (38%). If you have managerial experience, the outlook is quite bright with more than four in 10 of the companies surveyed looking to hire candidates with managerial experience.

With these insights, one thing becomes clear. There are more jobs coming to Qatar in the next year, and the country can boast of decent hiring potential across all industries. If you are looking to find a new job within the next year, you will be spoiled for choice irrespective of your industry, experience level or educational background.

In preparation for a year of opportunity, ensure you brush up your CV and improve your chances by taking courses and tests to advance the skills you have. Sixty-one percent of employers in Qatar consider being cooperative and a team player as a highly sought after skill, followed closely by good communication skills in English and Arabic (60%), and the ability to work under pressure (52%). These are soft skills which you can and should be improving as the next year approaches.

When you are ready to start searching for a job in Qatar, don’t forget to utilise the online tools and information that are available to you.

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