Ever wondered what are the best industries to work for in Qatar? Which of the many are thriving? And which offers a better work-life balance?

The most recent “Top Industries in the Middle East and North Africa” Survey, compiled by Bayt.com revealed that two thirds of Qatari respondents are satisfied with their working hours, 61% are satisfied with their work culture, 57% are satisfied with their work-life balance, and 56% are satisfied with their job security. In terms of training and development, 58% of Qatari respondents claim to be “completely satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with the programmes available to them and half are satisfied with their career growth.

When it comes to industries, women, men, and fresh grads seemed to have different thoughts on what is the best industry to work in.

Generally, nearly third of Qataris polled said that the most attractive industry is the government or civil service. In addition, 16% said that the military, defense, and police domains are the most attractive to them. On the other hand, Qatari women seemed to have a different opinion than those of their male counterparts – 29% of Qatari women said that they find that health and medical services to be the most attractive.

Other women, a quarter to be specific, said that they find the banking and finance sector is the most attractive. This was followed by an additional 22% of Qatari women who stated that working in the hospitality, recreation, and entertainment sectors is the most attractive. Fresh graduates seem to agree with women on one sectors, 19% of those polled said that the most attractive sector for them is the banking and finance industry.

All jobs and industries are well and good if working in them brings satisfaction, comfort, reward, and joy. And many Qataris seem to know what the most stressful sectors are. According to the research, real estate, construction, and property development emerged as the most stressful for 21% of Qatari respondents. This was followed by an additional 19% who found that working in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry to be the most stressful. In contrast, an overwhelming majority of Qataris reported that pharmaceuticals, tourism, and automotive are the least stressful industries to work in.

It is eye-opening to find out which industries professionals favor working in, as it is easy to rely on false impressions. More and more professionals are becoming satisfied with their job attributes, be it training opportunities or compensation or work culture. Yet, many are on the lookout for new and better career opportunities. Having said that, another major finding of the survey is that almost half of those surveyed in Qatar are considering an industry change in the next few months – 54% of them are seeking a better salary, while 49% are seeking better career growth.

With such a big number of people seeking a career change, employers are advised to pay attention to the factors influencing employee attrition and work with us to strengthen their employer brand and their retention efforts.

Recently, Bayt.com revealed the top keywords that employers use when looking for candidates using Bayt.com’s very popular search tool CV Search. The website announced that the most heavily searched keyword in 2016 on the Bayt.com CV Search database was “Sales”, searched for over 170,000 times in 2016 alone. This was followed by “Manager”, “Engineer”, “Accountant”, and “HR”. Other popular words included “Marketing”, “Finance”, “Project Manager”, “Assistant,” “Secretary”, “IT”, “Business”, “Development”, “Mechanical”, “Procurement”, “Design”, and “Civil”.

Professionals looking to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of their profiles online can take advantage of this information and thoroughly consider this information when planning their next career move.

Data for the Bayt.com ‘Top Industries in the Middle East and North Africa’ survey was conducted between February 23 and March 7, 2017 with 7,162 respondents from the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

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