If you are struggling to make sure that your energy and commitment is keeping up with your job requirements, then you need to read the following eight ways to help you maintain your motivation in 2017.

As the days, weeks, and months quickly pass by at work, it is easy to feel a bit drained at the start of another year. Even those who are highly driven and motivated may go through phases of energy slumps. Keeping in mind that success is the result of hard work and resilience, not taking shortcuts, investing more effort will always be required at work.

Revisit your career goals
To be able to keep your motivation level up and constant, you need to always have a clear idea of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Having an understanding of your ultimate goals are will transform your tasks into a series of steps towards the desirable outcome. According to the Infographic: Secrets of Career Success in the Middle East, 34.4% of professionals have the vision of being an innovator at work. Such visions are a recipe for motivation.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Motivation doesn’t start at the office; it is a lifestyle and it begins in your own household. Finishing a quick workout before you enter the office, or eating an energy boosting and healthy meal will put your foot on the right track and give you the necessary energy to accomplish more. Motivation is contagious and is much easier to maintain at work if you also embody it throughout your day.

Create daily variety
Certain projects or tasks can be repetitive and tedious. Try to structure your work schedule in a creative manner that ensures variety. Switch around between tasks that use a number of different skills so that you don’t lose your focus or your interest.

Find inspiration in music and videos
Some people are able to focus more on their work if they listen to music at the same time. A few moments of inspirational videos, such as the thought leadership series from, can build up your personal and psychological wealth and give you a daily intake of positive energy.

Seek feedback
Feedback is a motivating force because it encourages others to observe your work and recognize it. Feedback is also a constructive tool to improve your work and make the end goal clearer and more accessible. Feedback, even if not positive and celebratory, will add to your knowledge and skills. If you are not receiving sufficient feedback, offers you an option to conduct self-assessment and discover more about yourself.

Embrace discomfort and change
If your work is comfortable, that is fine. But you should know that comfort is often a killer of motivation. Sometimes pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can be inspiring. Think of it as a mental exercise that will make your outcome even better and your personal gain even richer. You can ask for new types of projects that you haven’t worked on extensively before. You can also take up some online courses and training opportunities such as the ones offered by

Reward yourself
Sometimes you’ll have to trick your own self into doing more work – especially if you find it really tiresome or tedious. Set to yourself rewards: an action, activity, or object that you’ll gain depending on the outcome of your work. Rewards can be a weekend trip, a fancy meal, or whatever satisfies your palate.

Make sure your body receives the rest it needs to be able to regenerate the next day. Do not exhaust yourself or work at the cost of your own health, especially if it’s not an urgent matter. Sleeping well and taking care of your health in general can function as an anti-depressant and a key in maintaining the energy for achieving success.

In the end, all of these suggested exercises tap into different factors of motivation. What motivates someone might not do anything for someone else. Keep in mind that the tools are varied and available for you to use. Start the year with a list of goals and rewards, try out the aforementioned techniques and find the equilibrium that suits you best.

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