What makes Qatar such a great place for employment and for living? Here are some of the answers that was able to reveal.

In today’s environment of economic, political, and social challenges, professionals across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are very eager to find out which countries and cities will give them the best career and life opportunities. Even expats coming in from around the globe find that they need to be extra selective when choosing a place for work.

For many years, Qatar has been and continues to be a hot spot for domestic and international professionals joining all industries and career levels. In a recent survey by titled ‘Top Cities in the Middle East and North Africa’, Doha ranked among the top ten cities to live in. In fact, the majority (71%) of Qatari citizens are happy about their current city of residence for a variety of reasons.

1. Supportive economic environment

Indeed, when evaluating a city of residence, some of the most important characteristics that come to mind are availability of jobs, cost of living, compensation, and opportunities to advance professionally. Over a third of Doha respondents believe that career growth (38%), competitive salaries (38%) and benefits for working parents that they receive (33%) are either good or excellent.

Qatar offers some of the most excellent labour rights in the region such as health insurance, social security systems, wage protection, end of service benefits, and termination rights. Six in 10 Qatari respondents find their health insurance and social security to be good or excellent. Close to half of respondents believe that their end of service benefits (41%), and vacation allowances (41%) are excellent or good.

2. High standards of living

When it comes to standards of living that determine the attractiveness of a city or a country, professionals prioritize safety and security, availability and quality of education as well as availability and quality of healthcare facilities. Qatar ranks very well in these aspects. Notably, nearly two thirds of those living in Qatar believe that they have good or excellent availability of healthcare facilities (61%), and that the quality of these healthcare facilities (65%) is also good or excellent.

Beyond that more than three quarters of respondents rate the water, electricity and sewage systems (76%) as either good or excellent in Qatar. Certainly, these factors make the day-to-day activities easier and thus raises the attractiveness of the country overall.

3. Friendly and safe culture

Forces within cultures, societies, and cities affect the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of the individuals who are part of them. So, it comes to no surprise that such elements are taken into serious consideration when evaluating a country to live and work in. Socio-cultural factors such as crime rate and law enforcement are highly influential. Yet again, Qatar performs really well in this regard with two thirds of its respondents feeling that the stability of the political environment (65%) is either good or excellent and over half (59%) feeling a sense of security and stability.

4. Clean environment

More and more professionals are paying attention to the cleanliness of a city and a country before deciding where to move for work. The environment today is no less important than the economy of a country. Most importantly, professionals looks at cleanliness of water, air, and streets and evaluate accordingly. It turns out that Doha is among the most environmentally friendly cities in the region. Respondents from Qatar agree that their city has clean streets (71%), clean water (68%), and beautiful buildings and architecture (69%).

5. Attractive for entrepreneurs

A country that welcomes and draws business leaders, creative thinkers, and aspiring entrepreneurs externally and from within boarders is indeed a successful one. Financial elements are the most important entrepreneurship factors for professionals across the Middle East, with affordability of taxes and fees, ease of starting up a new business, and ease of finding finances to start a business as the most critical of them. When it comes to such factors that serve the entrepreneur and business community, Doha scores in the top 10 on a regional scale.

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