In the case of a new challenging post opening at your company, applying for it is a viable option. But, it should be done right. It is as hard as landing a great job in a new company, if not harder.

Many employees find themselves in a job that is not completely satisfying but end up sticking to it because they love the company they work at. In fact, remaining in a position that is not entirely satisfactory can be a waste of the employee’s time, as well as a hindrance to their career advancement. But before considering a career move, you might want to look at another option that will keep you employed at the company you love: an internal job vacancy. The team has comprised a list, inspired by real-life experiences, of ways to help you land a great job internally.

  1. Pick a vacancy

Most companies begin advertising new jobs internally. If not announced, the Human Resources department will know about vacancies that hiring managers are looking to fill. The HR department is there for your support, and its personnel will respect your confidentiality if you’re not ready to publicize your plans and intentions yet. Make sure that they know that your inquiries are not public knowledge, especially if you haven’t made a final decision yet.

  1. Carry out necessary due diligence

Once an interesting vacancy opens up, carefully study the job description, research success stories, and ask employees within the same department about the reality of holding such a position. You might think a job looks great from the outside, but the insiders know best. You might want to try connecting with industry professionals on Specialties for detailed market insights.

  1. Talk to your manager

If you are positive that you want to pursue a certain internal job, make sure you talk to your manger and let them be the first to know of your plans. Don’t hesitate to be honest with them and explain the reasons behind your decision. Indeed, managers are employees of the company too and they might offer you advice that will push you and the company further on the path of success.

After making sure that pursing a certain internal vacancy is the right move for you, you now need to step up your game and start taking certain measures that will push you forward ahead of the flock.

  1. Update and customise your resume

Being an internal candidate doesn’t mean that you’re automatically a perfect fit. You need to look at this job pursuit as if you’re applying for an external job. Make sure your CV highlights your best skills and shows why you’re the best candidate for it. For professional help with CV writing, check out’s CV Writing Services.

  1. Write a customised cover letter

As we established, thus far, internal job vacancies should be taken seriously. Write up a cover letter highlighting why you think you’re the perfect fit. In addition, if you work in a domain that relies on a portfolio to showcase your talents, make sure yours is up to date. You can always check’s tips on writing the perfect cover letter.

  1. Prepare well

When you’ve advanced to the interview stage, be well prepared. Many hiring managers will look at you as if you’re a newcomer and not an existing employee. Knowing the right information and being familiar with the required skillset will push you forward. You will not be automatically considered just because a hiring manager is familiar with you or your work.

  1. Network

It is important for key people at your company to know that you’re considering a career shift. Talking to heads of departments – as part of your research – can help set up your image as a future leader who is working hard on establishing cross-departmental connections. Department managers can also provide you with insights from their own teams that can add to your research, which, in return, will help you ace your job interview.

  1. Do not assume they know you

While interviewing, do not assume that the hiring manager knows you and/or is familiar with your capabilities just because you work at the same company. In fact, managers might know of other departments’ work and employees but might not be entirely familiar with each and every talent. Demonstrate your capabilities as if you’re talking to a stranger and make sure you focus on achievements while highlighting your capabilities and knowledge.

  1. Send a Thank You note

Just like any other job interview, send an e-mail or a hand-written note after the interview thanking the hiring manager for their time and consideration. Even if the manager deems you unfit for the job, being courteous and expressing gratitude will help you in the future.

  1. Stay positive

Even if your hard work didn’t get you the job you wanted this time, you must stay positive and do not give up. It is very important to know that not getting a job could be due to many different reasons that might have nothing to do with you and your capabilities. In fact, you could talk to the hiring managers and ask for the reasons. They might be able to give you pointers that will help you advance your profile in the future.

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