By Udayan Nag

Luca Delfino, Sales Director of Maserati Middle East, India & Africa FZE, talks about the all-new Quattroporte, which was launched recently in Qatar. 

A restyled exterior, improved aerodynamics and a new infotainment system were some of the features that stood out in the new Quattroporte, which was launched at Maserati’s showroom at The Pearl-Qatar in January. A new trim strategy has also been introduced for the clientele with the additional choice of two unique trim lines – GranLusso and GranSport – which emphasize the key pillars of the brand’s DNA. The luxury four-door sedan, which is now available for sale in Qatar, comes at a starting price of QR380,000.

Luca Delfino, Sales Director of Maserati Middle East, India & Africa FZE

Providing details of the different models of the latest Quattroporte, Delfino says: “The GranLusso comes with two-pin leather, the top quality leather in our range and it’s included in the price of the vehicle. It also comes with Vanya pure Italian silk. The Grand Sport has a black grill in the front, optional carbon trim, sports steering wheel and seats, power foot pedals, front pedals, shift pedal, and its chrome is also bigger than normal. It has the very best of the sporty elements, whereas the Quattroporte is a mixture of luxury and sportiness.”

Interestingly, the new Quattroporte also boasts of features like the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems optional package, which include Automated Emergency Braking and Forward Collision Warning with advanced Brake Assist. Even though Maserati has taken a stand against self-driven cars, Delfino disagrees with the fact that the company is promoting something which it is not in favour of.

“Our cars are for people who like to drive. We have added features that we think are useful and are already available in the market,” says Delfino. “As of now, there’s nothing in our cars which represents self-driving features. Everything we have is either an alert or a warning. The only real supports for the driver are the automatic brakes in case of emergencies. Other than that, it’s all down to the driver’s decision-making. The Blind Spot Alert and Surround View Camera also there to simply assist the drivers.”

With a highest speed of 310 km/h, the Quattroporte GTS is one of the fastest sedans in the world. Furthermore, the new engine gets an increase of 20hp, taking the total power to 350hp. Improvements have also been made on the Sport Mode, thanks to a faster shifting time of less than 100 milliseconds. However, there is also a view in the market which puts a question mark on the suspension and steering wheel of the Quattroporte on rough and bumpy roads. The latter is apparently a little shaky in those conditions. What’s Delfino’s take on this?

“When we design a car, it is equally balanced at the front as well as the back,” he says. “It has to have a low centre of gravity. Everything is done to enhance the sportiness and driving experience. To have good control, the driver needs to feel the road. Obviously, if the road is rough, the driver will feel it since our cars have been designed that way. Along with the sportiness, the wheel is there to provide the driver with the best possible control.”

And finally, does the price justify the additional features included in the car? “We have been able to address the specific needs of different customers. Maserati is more into technical engineering than gadgetry. We focus on exclusivity and refined engineering. It’s about giving the best experience to our customers, which is reflected in our tie-up with a luxury brand like Vanya,” says Delfino.