Attracting Top Talent for Small Businesses


The process of hiring and seeking employment is full of challenges and obstacles. For those seeking employment, they are challenged by tough competition due to the fact that the number of vacancies is lower than the number of people seeking to apply. However, competition among employers for the best talent can prove to be equally challenging.

With so much competition in the market, it becomes prudent to distinguish your company amongst other industry giants. This is easier said than done, but not impossible. As a small and medium enterprise (SME), you may have difficulty attracting highly qualified talent to fill your vacancies, but you can overcome that through efficient, effective and powerful employer branding.

One of the most influential steps to improving your recruitment is employer branding. Employer brand is commonly used to describe an organisation’s reputation as an employer and its value proposition to its employees, as opposed to its corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers. Nowadays, professionals seek employment at organisations that provide a healthy work environment, a thriving organisational culture, and a rewards and recognition programme. It’s no longer just about the salary. When a jobseeker considers working somewhere, the factors mentioned above and several others are heavily taken into account.

In order to have a winning employer brand as a small or medium-sized enterprise, you need to cater to what professionals expect from you. Here are four things you can implement starting today in order to improve your employer brand for 2018.

Give your brand identity a second look

The oldest trick in the book is one of the most important – brand association. In order to create a brand that people associate positive things to, there are many items that you should take into consideration such as detailed and exciting descriptions of your job postings, the celebratory presentation of your staff on your website and social media, and the harmonised vision, mission, values and culture that are well-articulated and supportive of your employer brand.

Attract employees with unconventional perks

Millennials will soon constitute the majority of global workforce. Their fresh perspectives and unprecedented technology savviness bring something new to the table. Even their priorities and expectations do not conform to yesterday’s methodologies. For instance, a good work-life balance and training opportunities top the list of loyalty factors for this group of employees, according to Millennials in the Middle East and North Africa Survey.

This is why companies including SMEs should keep up with employee values and expectations when structuring their employer brand. While salary is very important, professionals are also looking for other perks such as training opportunities, wellness programmes like gym subscriptions and nutrition counselling, entertainment at the office, flexible work schedules, and so on. Such perks help create the environment that’s sought after and will make your company more desirable to work for.

Give your online presence a human layer

It’s no secret that we live in the digital era. A single bad tweet can make or break your employer brand. Among the best ways to let people know about your work environment is being active online and engaging with your audience. Humanising the digital approach is essential to make potential employees relate to your company. People actually want to reach out to you and be heard. According to the Social Recruiting in the Middle East and North Africa poll, 55% of respondents feel that they are more likely to get hired if they engage with the company online. Instead of utilising your online presence only to pitch at your audience and market a product or a service, engage and spark conversations. Let your employees talk to your audience. It will bring back positive feedback to your employer brand.

Make use of brand ambassadors

We’re not talking about hiring people and paying them to represent your employer brand. This approach lacks genuine fondness of your brand and only works at face value. Instead, focus on creating a great working environment, plan an engaging and strong marketing plan, run your social media channels in a humanised manner, and watch your loyalty and positive reputation grow. By implementing these techniques the satisfaction and loyalty of your employees will increase and your employees will voluntarily spread a good word about the company. Hence your employees become the best brand ambassadors as they speak about your company for the good experience that they have had. Even your customers, partners, suppliers and all stakeholders can potentially become your brand ambassadors if you adopt these strategies.

There is no doubt that companies need to keep up with evolving times. And not just in the technological sense, but also in their employee growth and retention efforts. To excel in this matter, building your employer brand and making it attractive for qualified and talented jobseekers is just the beginning. But right now, you should take the first step and start building your employer brand.

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